Android pill consumers Guide

The Work connected pill User

The work-related user is somebody World Health Organization is primarily victimization their pill for work. Apps and games area unit a facet thought. For this pill user i might suggest the ViewSonic ViewPad. This pill encompasses a 10" screen permitting a stronger read of documents opened. The ViewPad operates on each golem and Windows OS that the user has Microsoft Offices on the pill permitting Microsoft Word documents, Excel, Power Points, and additional to be created, edited, and viewed on the ViewPad. once you area unit able to take a chance you'll reverse to golem and play a game, watch a flick, or surf the net.

The All Around pill User

The well-rounded user is somebody World Health Organization uses several of the options a pill has got to supply. they'll each work and play on the pill, and luxuriate in very victimization everything the pill has got to supply, from apps and video to net chat and work. The well-rounded user sees the pill as not simply a toy, however as a middle for everything they have to try to to on-line. For this pill user i might suggest the Samsung Galaxy. This pill has superb options sort of a front facing camera sensible for net chatting, a rear facing camera sensible for photos and video, AN Amazon Kindle e-reader, and it's the golem Market nice for downloading plenty of apps. you'll conjointly browse the net, proceed YouTube, connect with friends on Social Networking Apps like Twitter and Facebook, and you'll do all of your work on this pill as a result of it's Microsoft workplace compatible. this is often an excellent pill for the well-rounded user.

The Hardcore pill User

The hardcore user is somebody World Health Organization can learn ever practicality of their pill, and needs a pill that comes packed to the gills with options. These pill users tend to remain well updated with the most recent technical school news and will by a brand new pill per annum. For this pill user i might suggest the Motorola XOOM. This pill far and away has the foremost options and HP on the golem pill market. It comes equipped with a rear five megapixel camera with AN LED flash, nice for taking footage and HD video. The pill conjointly encompasses a front facing camera for net chatting. The XOOM had Adobe Flash Player ten, that permits users to look at video on the sites themselves while not having to modify to YouTube to look at like on AN iPad. this permits for a additional in depth use of the net. The 10" screen conjointly has HD resolution displaying over two hundred,000 pixels. The pill conjointly has options like email, Google Maps, and therefore the ability to share docs. This pill has it all, and is nice for the hardcore user.

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